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I am a training cycle student

If you are an advanced-level training cycle (CFGS) student, you are eligible to apply for university admission without taking an entrance exam. Your university admission mark will be obtained from the training cycle that you have completed, and will be between 5 and 10 points.

The admission mark is calculated using the following formula:

Admission mark = CFGS mark + a*M1 + b*M2

M1, M2 = the two subject marks passed in the specific phase which, after weighting, give the best admission mark
a, b = weighting parameters of the subjects of the specific phase (0.1 or 0.2)



If you want to improve your mark to reach 14 points, you must take the specific phase of the university entrance exams (PAU). You should find out which subject areas are weighted for the university degree courses that you want to take. The subjects in which you have taken the exams will be considered as long as you have obtained at least 5 points. The subjects that are weighted are specified in the weighting table. Find out more!

To apply for admission to the Catalan public universities or the University of Vic–Central University of Catalonia, you must carry out university pre-enrolment on university admissions portal. Remember that, before the end of the pre-enrolment period, you must submit a certificate of marks for the training cycle that you have completed.


If you are an advanced-level training cycle (CFGS) student and you want to gain admission to bachelor’s degrees in Pre-school and Primary Education at public or private universities in the Catalan university system, you must take a personal aptitude test (PAP).You have to register for this test before it is held in June.


If you hold an advanced vocational-training technician qualification, you may be allocated a place in the general quota, in the same way as upper secondary school (Batxillerat) students. If you are a student with a disability or an elite-level or high-performance sportsperson you can opt for one of the reserved places.

Before you apply, you should find out about the courses on offer at Catalan universities, to determine what they entail, their structure, where they are taught, what the cut-off marks are from previous years, and which career opportunities they provide.


If you have completed an advanced-level training cycle (CFGS), you can officially recognise ECTS credits officially recognise ECTS credits at Catalan universities. See the website for more information on credit validation and correspondence. You need to find the bachelor's degree course you would like to take, at the university where you want to go.

For double bachelor’s degrees (simultaneous studies), please see the CFGS credit validation table CFGS credit validation table (simultaneos degree courses).

Update:  15.02.2018